Jennifer serves a limited clientele that comes primarily from referrals from her partner network.

New clients are welcome, provided that they come from one of her preferred target groups:

Mature Corporations: If you have been in business for years and are looking to protect the assets you’ve spent your life building and continue building for the future, Jennifer can help you with corporate reorganizations, tax planning and succession planning.

Established Entrepreneurs: As an established business person are you assessing a new business opportunity? Are you ready to change your business structure by using a corporation or a holding company? Do you need assistance with a specific business contract or relationship? Jennfier can assist you to take advantage of your business opportunities and achieve your goals.

Professional Corporations: Doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, chartered accountants and certified general accountants turn to Jennifer to help them incorporate their professional practices and plan for the future.

When you’re ready to turn your business over to the next generation, Jennifer can help you devise a succession plan to ensure a seamless transition.